Lighter Than Air

It’s extraordinary to think that the rich and famous once had nothing better than to float over our cities in magnificent silver airships. In the 1920s and 30s these were the ocean liners of the clouds. They had opulent┬ádining rooms, grand pianos and even their own post offices. The dream ended of course, with the Hindenburg disaster of 1937, but what a romantic notion while it lasted; the spectacle of such a Leviathan drifting through the heavens must have been truly awe inspiring. So awe inspiring in fact, that I wrote this song!

Interieur van de salon van het luchtschip Graf Zeppelin. Het raam staat open, wat in een vliegtuig niet kan.

Such was the popularity of the craze that the Empire State Building was once going to offer its services as a docking station. The idea was that the airship would be tethered to the spire while the passengers indulged in a little retail therapy downstairs.