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My new LP


I’ve now recorded ten original acoustic pieces, which sounds to me like an album. So without the need to speak to a record company, trouble your wallet or visit iTunes, here’s the full album. Just press to play.

If you would like to buy my latest poetry collection England Underwater in exchange for this outrageous free gift, then please go right ahead!

Spring in Catalonia

My wife and I had a beautiful honeymoon in Barcelona, visiting Gaudi’s astounding cathedral, the Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia; running up to the Olympic Stadium, getting burnt on the beach, getting burnt on the open top bus and getting lost on the Metro. I started thinking about it again when I reading George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia.


Fortunately we were there in happier circumstances than George, but it’s a wonderful book none the less.  My tune is in DADGAD all you guitar players.


Polly’s Tune

What can a dad give to his daughter – apart from money, books, clothes, iPads, love and attention? In this case, I can give her a tune of her own, which I composed this morning on the guitar in the open tuning BGDGAD.

Polly's Tune


Out On The Fells

Each year my friend Winston and I go backpacking  and disappear into the hills with an OS map, supplies of crisps and cola bottles, a tent and lots of old stories. A couple of years ago, we were in the Peak District, and crossed a moor like the surface of the moon. An old tractor tyre was the only man-made thing we saw, as if it had dropped from space. When we arrived in Buxton it was like splash landing back on Earth. Another year we were up near Ullswater and climbed high above the lake feeling like we were the only people left on the planet. This is a new composition in the open tuning DAGDCE inspired by those open landscapes.


If you liked this one, you might also like the other three originals I’ve posted: Martha’s Song, Billy’s Jig and Far Away Friend. Enjoy!